Our Projects

·       Open to All

On Monday’s & Thursday’s we run open to all sessions, available to anyone within our community. Individuals attend on their own or alongside their children or carers to take part in activities on site. We currently have 8 regular volunteers attend these sessions, with an additional volunteers that join throughout the year.

·     Mencap Dig It Group

Our Mencap Dig-It Club meets every Wednesday morning at the plot, where Mencap adults with learning disabilities learn all about growing their own food. Members are supported by Lisa from Dig It, Jacquie Lucas and Steve and Wendy Lee from Saffron Walden Mencap Society. There is a regular group in attendance including service users from the ECL in Saffron Walden. Each week, the group take some produce back to the centre for cooking club the following day. Other members are encouraged to take some produce home.

  • Café Cornell “Plot to Plate” in collaboration with Enterprise East Group

Dig It has hosted 24 participants from Enterprise East Group since summer 2022 until June 2023 with an additional 6 volunteers on Tuesday’s & Friday’s to learn how to plant, tend, harvest and maintain the fruit and vegetable plots across all four seasons. Once the produce is ready, it is brought to the community café where the chefs teach participants how to prepare and cook tasty and nutritious meals, from the fruits of their labours.


  • MIND Peer Support Sessions

Monday has been an essential day to run services due to the gap that many face being isolated over the weekend, particularly those on low income and facing unemployment, We have visited the drop in and have since seen increased referrals to attend Dig-It on a Monday afternoon. The afternoon session has now linked in with MIND’s peer support service, engaging and sharing their experiences with service users on a 1:1 or group basis to help achieve a set of goals and improve overall wellbeing.


                • Art @ the Allotment

The sessions enabled creative expression, skill learning, and allowed for socialising over a fun, relaxing activity whilst providing people with an introduction to Dig It.